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Vinod Gangotra is a global designer of lifestyle products. Born in the United Kingdom in 1969, He holds a degree in designing for industry from University of Northumbria, United Kingdom. In 1999 he found gangotra design, Florence, Italy where he participated and directed in developing the design vision across product, graphical and brand platforms. He is known for a style of functional, energetic and character driven designs based on a relationship between emotion and innovation.
His work has been displayed in various exhibitions, invented and managed projects that won design awards and have proven a market success. Vinod has lectured on design throughout the international community. He has appeared as a frequent lecturer at universities throughout Italy, India and the United Kingdom. With over 25 years of experience spanning a broad range of consumer sectors, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous brands worldwide on lifestyle projects including, consumer appliances, transportation, lighting, tableware and fashion.


Passionate business believer of design as a driver of innovation to generate new
market opportunities and challenge the boundaries of what's attainable

Strategic thinking, capable of abstracting ambiguous customer, technical and
business insights, anticipate major shifts in the marketplace to identify emerging opportunities, driving intent

Creative and inspiring storyteller, capable
of articulating a vision and its business
potential, securing team and executive
confidence. Excellent verbal and written

Business acumen, credibility builder within corporations and design consulting firms.

Educator and communicator across
multicultural geographical organisations


Alf Service Italy
Amstrad Italy
Ariete Italy
Artista Visitatore Italy
Clinque India
Girmi Italy
Barilla Italy
B&B Studio Italy
British American Tobacco
Buy@book Italy
Bosch Germany
Calenzano Latticini Italy
Comobar2000, U.S.A
Daltio Italy,
Diamond Group Italy
Donlim China
Ellequattro Illuminazione Italy
EPCH , India
Epifanie Italy
EuroBagno Italy
Espresso Cap Italy
Euroflex Italy
Export House India, India
Eurometalnova Italy, Ferrari Italy, Ferrolli Italy,
Fitness Point Italy,
Gaebi Italy, Gimoka Italy,
Guarnieri Italy,
Hailo Germany,
The Helman Group United States,
House Florence Italy,
Jam Communication
Italy, Il Coccio Italy,
Ikko Brazil
Isea Italy
Kaimar Italy
Keramike Italy
Kimbo Italy
Kocoyoco Italy
Laser Design. Italy
Leve Leve, Portugal
Lorenzi Group Vietnam
Lucky Strike Europe
Mavelec Greece
Maria Sappio, Italy
Max Italia Italy
MD Racing Italy
Mitco. China
Nomination Italy
Om Casa India
Panafe Italy
P&G Italy,
Piaggio Italy
Pininfarina Italy
Platiume d, Italy
Raniarabella United States, Riviera et Bar France
Saeco Italy
Saudi Ceramics Company Saudi Arabia
Selec Line Hong Kong,
Spagnoli Italy,
Termozeta Italy
Vev Vigano Italy
Thermex Italy
Tonic Industries Hong Kong,
Twist Potato India
Warner Bros. Italy
Wingkin China


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